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Inmate Telephone System, Video Visitation System and Other Equipment and Services RFP #2019-64, #C01010-2019-64-20

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Mar 5 - 2 pm

Feb 27 - 10:30 am
2206 Kaen Road, email by 2/18

2206 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR

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Contractor Plan Center


Clackamas County Purchasing, Public Services Bldg  2051 Kaen Road Oregon City , OR 97045 Phone 503-742-5444 Fax 503-742-5440

Owner's Agent:

State of Oregon, Dept. of Admin. Services  1225 Ferry St. SE Salem , OR 97301 Phone 503-378-4642

Construction Summary:

Clackamas County is seeking Proposals from Proposers to provide Inmate Telephone System, Video Visitation System, and Other Equipment/Services. Background: The Clackamas County Jail (CCJ) is a 500 bed facility that routinely operates at or near capacity. The CCJ currently contracts for a vendor provided system that includes some of the features in the general description of required equipment and services listed in this RFP. This system currently supports on average 1672 attempted calls, 632 completed calls, and 25 visits per day. Purpose and Overview: The intended purpose of this RFP is to make available to the designated inmate population access to telephones and video visitation services. As a result of this RFP, the County intends to enter into a contract whereby the contractor provides all inmate telephone equipment, video visitation equipment, and all other equipment, software, and services without any cost to the Clackamas County Jail (CCJ). The system furnished shall be of advanced technology with state-of-the-art equipment provided. The following list provides a general overview of the required equipment and services: Inmate Telephone Control System; Inmate Telephones; Video Visitation Control System (future need); Video Visitation Stations (future need); Wireless Tablets and Applications; Payment Services; and Data Analysis Software.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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