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NW Dahlia Place Water Main

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Mandatory Dec 18 - 10 am
Canby Utility Main Office, 1265 SE 3rd Avenue

Canby, OR



Contractor Plan Center


Canby Utility  1265 SE 3rd Avenue/PO Box 1070 Canby , OR 97013 Phone 503-266-1156 Fax 503-263-8621


Sisul Engineering Inc.  375 Portland Ave. Gladstone , OR 97027 Phone 503-657-0188 Fax 503-657-5779

Construction Summary:

Site Preparation and Restoration: Mobilization, temporary protection and direction of traffic, one-call and pothole existing utilities, landscape protection, seed and mulch disturbed lawn areas, repair non-grass landscaping around meter boxes, sawcut asphalt pavement (all depths), remove and replace AC pavement (all depths), 702 N Cedar - remove meter box, driveway sawcut and repair & replacement of paving stones, 620 NW Dahlia - replacement of paving stones. Waterline Improvements: 8" ductile iron pipe complete with excavation, bedding and backfill 735 l.f., 6" ductile iron pipe complete with excavation, bedding and backfill 12 l.f., hot tap existing 14" main including thrust block 1 ea., existing valve verify end connection and connect new 3 ea., 8" gate valve 2 ea., 6' gate valve 1 ea., 8" tee 1 ea., 8" x 6" tee 1 ea., 8" x 6" reducer 4 ea., 6" transition coupling & connect to existing 1 ea., 8" horizontal bend or elbow 6 ea., 8" vertical bend 4 ea., 6" vertical bend 2 ea., fire hydrant assembly 1 each, thrust block (horizontal or vertical) 11 ea., air & vacuum valve service assembly complete including excavation, backfill and main line tap 1 ea., water service, complete including excavation, backfill main line tap, corporation stop, meter box and backside connection by plumber 1 ea., 652 Dahlia - transfer water service to new main, abandon existing water main, close existing valve and remove valve can 2 ea., dispose of existing water service lines, meter boxes, valves, fire hydrants, etc., testing and chlorination. Erosion and Sediment Control - Install and maintain inlet protection 8 ea., remove and dispose of ESC devices at project completion.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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