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Brooks Building Re-Roof Project #C01010-2019-87-19

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Nov 19 - 11 am
9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd.
Dec 5 - 9 am
The Shaver Bldg

9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd., Clackamas, OR

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Clackamas County Purchasing, Public Services Bldg  2051 Kaen Road Oregon City , OR 97045 Phone 503-742-5444 Fax 503-742-5440

Owner's Agent:

State of Oregon, Dept. of Admin. Services  1225 Ferry St. SE Salem , OR 97301 Phone 503-378-4642

Construction Summary:

Clackamas County is soliciting bids from qualified Contractors to reroof up to two (2) County buildings: the Brooks Building located at 9101 SE Sunnybrook Blvd., Clackamas, OR 97015 and the Shaver Building located at 256 Warner-Milne Road, Oregon City, OR 97045. Contract will be awarded off of the base bid for the Brooks Building. Background: The four-storied Brooks Building was built in 1999 and retains the original BUR roof and metal flashing components over a large percentage of the approximate 33,090 s.f. roof area. With a 2012 remodel, a photo-voltaic paneled TPO roof was installed over an approximate 9,000 s.f. area; this will remain as part of the roof and the new TPO install will be tied in. While the BUR roof has remained generally leak-free, the County has determined a new roof and parapet cap flashing should be installed as part of the life-cycle maintenance. The single-storied Shaver building was built in approximately 1969 and has undergone several roof repairs and replacements. The building currently has (two) layers of a single ply Duro-last membrane roof covering approximately 9,300 s.f., with the latest layer installed in 2004. The roof has started to show signs of wearing and degradation and must be recovered. The Contractor shall verify the structure can support a third layer of roofing. If the structure cannot support the new roof, at least one layer of membrane roofing shall be demolished and disposed as part of the contract. The Shaver building will be bid as an alternate for this project.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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