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Lane Cafeteria Floor Repair (Lane Middle School) ITB #2020-2735

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Mar 11 - 2 pm

Mandatory Feb 18 - 8 am
7200 SE 60th Avenue #7599

7200 SE 60th Avenue, Portland, OR 



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Portland Public Schools, Purchasing & Contracting  501 N Dixon St. Portland , OR 97227 Phone 503-916-3305 Fax 503-916-3109

Construction Summary:

The project includes the demolition, removal and replacement of the nonstructural 3” concrete slab and wooden sleepers in the cafeteria. When the space was remodeled in 1988, the old gym floor was removed, and the floor was infilled with lightweight concrete. The sleepers and concrete have deteriorated over time and need to be removed. Contractor to perform work in accordance with Peterson Structural Engineer’s recommendation for replacement. Remove the floor finishes down to the structural slab, including lightweight concrete, and wood sleepers. Once the floor has been stripped down to the top of the structural slab, it should be roughened to a ¼” amplitude and treated with a bonding agent per manufacturer’s recommendations. Once the surface has been treated, a solid and constant 3”± thick layer (to match adjacent floor heights in corridors) of fiber reinforced concrete, per ASTM A820 or approved equal, can be poured back and topped with 12x12 VCT finish and wax, installed per manufacturer’s recommendations. The concrete should have a minimum compressive strength of 4,000 psi and conform to the notes included in the appendix. Finished floor height to match adjacent corridors and building spaces. The existing VCT mastic contains asbestos material. PPS will provide a hazardous management professional and abatement contractor to remove all hazardous materials prior to the work of this contract. Including the VCT and mastic. Contractor to provide dust control of the space, to include HEPA air filters and negative air machines, as necessary to keep demolition and construction debris and dust from adjacent spaces. Work area is a two-story space open to corridors and other parts of the school on both building levels. The existing Kitchen area is located on the same slab that will be demolished. This is not part of the work of this project. The slab under the kitchen is to remain. School building will be closed to the public during the work of this project. Alternate: In lieu of VCT finish, provide slab with polished and sealed concrete finish.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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