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Cooper Mountain Reservoir No. 2 and Associated Improvements Project #4058A, #3624-20B

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Feb 25 - 2 pm

Mandatory Jan 17 - 9 am
Beaverton Building, City Council Chambers, 12725 SW Millikan Way, 1st Floor

18250 SW Kemmer Road, Beaverton, OR


NO. 8

Contractor Plan Center


City of Beaverton, Purchasing  12725 SW Millikan Way Beaverton , OR 97005 Phone 503-526-2228 Plan holder list 503-526-2435 Fax 503-526-2490


Murray, Smith & Associates, Inc.  888 SW 5th Avenue, Ste. 1170 Portland , OR 97204 Phone 503-225-9010 Fax 503-225-9022

Structural Engineer:

Peterson Structural Engineers, Inc.  5319 SW Westgate Dr., Ste. 215 Portland , OR 97221 Phone 503-292-1635 Fax 503-292-9846

Construction Summary:

The Work includes, but is not limited to: Construction of a partially buried 5.5 million gallon (MG) prestressed concrete reservoir meeting AWWA D110 standards, construction of fully buried, cast-in-place concrete valve vault structure and associated electrical/controls building of concrete masonry unit and wood-framed roof construction approx. 1,229 s.f., selection and installation of temporary construction shoring systems as required, construction of a CMU-style approx. 1,719 s.f. drinking water booster pump station (pumps and select electrical gear not installed under this contract), construction of an CMU-style approx. 2,139 s.f. ASR mechanical building to include chemical treatment systems, construction of ASR wellhead improvements to furnishing and installing a vertical turbine well pump, pump base and well head enclosure, construction of an approximately 4,800 s.f. metal framed storage building designed by the building system supplier, furnish and install site stormwater detention and treatment facilities, site clearing, including tree removal, grading and earthwork at City's reservoir site, excavation for and backfilling of above components as required for a complete installation, furnish and install approximately 3,200 l.f. of restrained ductile iron water main, 12-, 18-, 20-, and 24-inch diameter sizes as specified, including valves and appurtenances, both on-site and off-site in SW Kemmer Road. Connection of the new water mains to existing main lines, including transmission and reservoir site connections, coordination for site access of other projects occurring on the project site, as needed, site access roads, paved and gravel, landscaping and screening, site chain-link fencing and automated vehicle access gate, improvements to existing prestressed concrete reservoir to include a hydraulic mixing system and flexible piping connection improvements, installation of electrical improvements to allow continued use of existing facilities, new electrical service and electrical improvements, system integration by City's system integrator, sanitary system improvements to include a septic field, abandonment of existing water main and storm drains and restoration of work site area to original or better condition, including grading, temporary and permanent paving, erosion control and other measures as required.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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