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Tom McCall E Upper Elementary School - General Construction and Seismic Upgrades ITB #01-2020

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Feb 14 - 1:30 pm
Mandatory Jan 14 - 3 pm
1341 Pacific Avenue

Beaverton, OR



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Forest Grove School District   1728 Main Street Forest Grove , OR 97116 Phone 503-359-2408 Fax 503-359-2520


Mahlum Architects   1231 NW Hoyt, Suite 102 Portland , OR 97209 Phone 503-224-4032 Fax 503-224-0918

Structural Engineer:

KPFF Consulting Engineers   111 SW 5th Avenue, Ste. 2500 Portland , OR 97204 Phone 503-227-3251 Fax 503-227-7980

Mechanical/Electrical/Plumbing Engineer:

Interface Engineering, Inc.  100 SW Main Street, Ste. 1600 Portland , OR 97204 Phone 503-382-2266 Fax 503-382-2262

Construction Summary:

The scope of this work involves seismic upgrades over approximately 30,200 s.f. of a 50's vintage gym and attached/related classroom spaces that include, but are not limited to: Shotcrete CMU overlay/infill and other construction/reinforcement of framed shear walls, connection of roof structure to perimeter and shear walls, additional/replacement shear walls, anchors, shear wall footings, and steel support for end wall columns, additional MEP seismic supports, as well as related demolition, cleanup & disposal and new/replacement of architectural surfaces and finishes. Note: Based on the 50's vintage of the original building, any demolition and/or surface prep of materials/surfaces should assume that there "may" be (PB) lead paint encountered that would require appropriate containment and/or certified abatement. It will be up to the contractor to confirm the presence of lead paint in demolition areas and take appropriate containment precautions. No contact with asbestos (ACM's) is anticipated due to building abatement in 2003. Recent testing of plaster ceilings to be removed is negative for ACM. There are spaces adjacent to the work areas (void space under the gym floor structure) that have residual contamination from the 2003 abatement, but access to this area is not required for scope of work. Any suspect ACM materials encountered in the course of demolition will be reported to the District representative for appropriate testing and abatement/mitigation by the District under separate contracted services.


12745 SW Beaverdam Rd.

Beaverton, OR  97005

(503) 626-1700

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